How it works?

Pay bills with Sollo – simply, in one place and in the
most convenient way!

Sign up most convenient way

Verify your identity with Smart-ID, mobile signature or video identification. Get a unique 6-digit ID number and use it to connect to the app.

Secure login

Log in to your personal Sollo account by entering a 6-digit ID number and a unique password.

Create a new payment basket

Choose service provider or payment method, create new payment basket, group as you wish and pay with one click.

Pay as you used to

Pay for the created basket in the application with a credit card or use a bank payment. If you are used to pay in cash – generate a barcode and pay at Maxima checkout.

coming soon

Make instant mobile payments

You can make fast instant payments, the money will reach the recipient in just a few seconds!

Guide for beginners

Make everyday life easier for your parents and
grandparents – help them get to know Sollo!

Download .pdf